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Paradise resorts that can disappear forever. Photo

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. ФотоThe most unusual resort areas around the world.

Certainly, each of us dreams to visit the most popular existing resorts. Unfortunately, there are places on the verge of extinction due to global warming, destruction of ecosystems, or rising sea levels and other reasons. In this review, are 8 great places to stay, you need to visit before they disappear from the face of the Earth.

1. The Galapagos Islands - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

Galapagos Islands – an archipelago in the Pacific ocean located 972 kilometers West of Ecuador. It includes: 13 volcanic atolls, reefs and small 6 107 rocks. It is believed that the most ancient island of about 5-10 years, and the young Isabela and Fernandina are still being formed. The population of the archipelago is 25 124 people, and an area of 8010 km2. Unfortunately, due to global warming, the large influx of tourists and poaching the Galapagos Islands may disappear forever from the map of the Earth.

2. The great barrier reef

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

The great barrier reef is one of the largest coral systems in the world. It is composed of 2,900 individual atolls and 900 Islands, the length of which is about 2600 kilometers. In the Northern part it is almost solid and is only 50 km from the coast of Australia. Also, this place is suitable for diving and various other outdoor activities. The most expensive resorts of the reef are considered to be Bedarra and Hyman. In connection with global warming over the last thirty years, the reef has already lost half of its coral. It is expected that under such circumstances, their number may decrease by half.

3. The ancient city – Venice

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

Venice is a city on water, located on 122 Islands connected by 400 bridges. Instead of roads the flow channels, but instead of cars you can safely move to the gondola. On the streets you can see many beautiful ancient buildings and an excessive number of tourists. Unfortunately, scientists predict that by the end of the twenty-first century the number of floods in Venice will increase at least 30 times, and the city simply can go under water.

4. The Island Of Madagascar

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

Madagascar is an unusual exotic world, with quite diverse life forms, many of which can be seen only on this island. Here are extinguished volcanoes, mountains, rivers, rainforests and deserts. Unfortunately, Madagascar is not provided in luxury hotels, because this place is for those people who are looking for new experiences, not suites. Because of the too large number of poachers who threatened the inhabitants of these lands lemurs and rain forests in which they live.

5. French Alps

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

French Alps – a Paradise for lovers of the ski resort. There is a a number of different routes, which are ideally suited for both beginners and professionals. The Alps are the world’s largest area for skiing, with more than 2500 4000 lifts and downhill routes. Unfortunately because of possible global warming, Alpine glaciers are in danger of melting.

6. The dead sea

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

The dead sea is very salty drainless lake is one of the most unusual places on earth. Its surface is located at 423 meters below sea level, and the maximum depth is 377 meters. The percentage of salt in the water 33,7, and is 8.6 times more than the ocean. Its duration is around 67 kilometers long and 18 wide. Due to its uniqueness, this area became the main centre of research in the field of health. According to scientists, by 2050 the Dead sea will completely dry up, this problem is directly related to global warming.

7. Maldives

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

The Maldives are one of the most popular exotic holiday destinations. There are approximately 1190 atolls with lagoons, sandy beaches, amazing plants. The main feature of the Maldives is a beautiful nature and is quite diverse underwater world. Of course, to afford such a vacation, not everyone can, but the cost of this stay is consistent with the level of service and all provided facilities and services. Scientists predict that due to global warming, the global sea level gradually rises, and because of this, the Maldives is unable to fully go under water.

8. The Pacific state of Tuvalu

Райские курорты, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

Tuvalu – Pacific state in Polynesia, bordering the territorial waters of Kiribati, Tokelau, Samoa. The length of the shoreline is 21 kilometers. Tuvalu is located on 5 atolls and 4 Islands of the archipelago. The country’s population of approximately 11 206 people and a land area of 26 km2. Unfortunately due to global warming the Pacific state is completely under water.

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