Tuesday , October 23 2018

Savchenko called the first persons that went into her party

Policies recorded in the first five of his assistants. The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko called, who came to the party “political platform of Hope Savchenko”. In an interview with “Commander in chief” Savchenko says that the party mainly consisted of people who had previously engaged in social activities, not politics. …

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Real tropics in the middle of Germany. Photo

The Germans created an unusual resort. In today’s world, people have long been accustomed to innovative technologies. We are not surprised skyscrapers, the tops of which are lost in the clouds. We are comfortable with the underwater restaurants and other delights of modern architecture. But still, on our planet there …

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The military told about the battle under Krasnogorovka

Ukrainian military claim that the enemy lost in killed six people. Ukrainian troops repelled a separatist attack under Krasnogorovka July 20, the price of the death of three military. This reports the press center of staff ATO. According to the military, on Thursday morning, a sabotage of the enemy of …

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