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The lady with the flute: how to create a creepy new incarnation of IT

Universal evil, appearing in the film Andres, Moschetti “It” (and originally in the novel by Stephen king), famous for its ability to take any desired form in order to drain the victim of more primitive terror. Basically It followed the appearance of a dancing clown Pennywise, but we’ve seen his other guises – in the original book the creature had turned into a werewolf, a mummy, a leper and a huge bird, a new film added to this list another interesting image, called “the lady with the flute”.

As such, It is one of the members of the Losers ‘ Club, Stanley URIs – recall that in the novel, Stan wandered into the water tower, where they encountered a child drowned. The monster from the movie of the tall woman with a severely deformed face and eyes without pupils. And it looks suspiciously like a sinister Ghost of the previous film, Moschetti, “Mom.” This is no coincidence – she and the other “ladies” inspired by the drawings of Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Why these works are so accustomed Andres?

This is literally transferred to the screen of my personal child’s fear. In my home hung one of the paintings of Modigliani, which seemed to me very terrible. Me crazy thought about how to meet a woman in reality.
He (Modigliani) basically draws a “long” version of people. In his vision, a person may be disproportionately long neck, a curved face and empty eyes. Due to such a deformation, the child may not see the style of the artist, but to see the real monster.

Quite correct and responsible approach is to include in a movie about a creature that feeds on fears, their own children’s nightmare. And “the lady with the flute” was really memorable incarnation, is no less repulsive than a Leper! And what of the children’s fears would you suggest as an actualization for It?


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