Wednesday , July 8 2020

Why Bonia gives rogue?

“We first minimum wage raise, handing out money to all kinds of alcoholics and rogue, and then cry, why do we still sucks. It would be better businessmen helped,” said TV presenter Victoria Bonya, talking about the amendments to the Constitution. It is obvious that on the background of Tarzan …

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The right to learn from their mistakes

The question of “platycopida” should be resolved by the citizens of those countries where it occurs. Those monuments to the Confederacy were mostly set a century ago as a symbol of healing of wounds of Civil war and reconciliation. Its therapeutic role they performed, and almost a hundred years nobody …

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Died from a lightning strike

What will happen if lightning strike? The you have two options: you either die or you don’t, forever leaving the body of a strange, but beautiful pattern. That people experience where lightning struck, but they were still alive? According to statistics, out of 10 people in which struck by lightning, …

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