Sunday , July 22 2018

Investors Star Citizen will not be able to recover their money

The possibility of a return of cash was removed from Star Citizen. 2 million users donated for the development of an ambitious space simulator Star Citizen has over $190 million, but many of them over the years of development have become disappointed in the project and want to regain their …

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In Russia collapsed road bridge

In connection with the floods were declared a state of emergency. In the North of Chita partially collapsed suffered from flood of the river road bridge. “Was the collapse of two spans and one of the bridge supports,” said TASS press-Secretary of the Ministry of territorial development of Transbaikalian edge …

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In Japan cats have foreseen the tremors. Video

In the video you can notice that the animals felt the earthquake in advance. Cats can sense natural disasters. Previously, this was considered only a theory, but now it has a reliable confirmation. The following video was made in the Japanese city of Wakayama in the last month, however, the …

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