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Owners of expensive apartments manipulated data for grants

Владельцы дорогих квартир манипулировали данными ради субсидийCriteria for the granting of subsidies allowed to manipulate the place of registration to receive the subsidy.

Previously the criteria for the grants allowed individuals to manipulate certain data, primarily a place of registration to receive the subsidy.

According to him, created in the spring of 2018, the base of the Unified register of recipients of subsidies made it possible to public access on certain parameters to check which apartments are decorated subsidies.

“We conducted an interesting experiment: take the most expensive housing in the capital and compared, is at it subsidies. It turned out that in the multi-storey building, which was commissioned a few years ago – one square meter there costs 70 thousand UAH – for individual citizens grant!”, – said muzichenko.

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As he noted, in this tenement house there were about 15 recipients of housing subsidies.

“It was a bell, which, we were told that with a system something. We went to this is the social security district office and a few hours of studying a portrait of the recipient of the subsidies in this house. As it turned out, in 80% of cases a subsidy was received with the child’s mother was in the absence of other members of the household or family,” explained the official.

“That is elementary in the apartment recorded the mother and child. The mother usually was in maternity leave or leave to care for a child until the child reaches 3 years of age. Accordingly, while the official income of 860 UAH for two persons, we can guess that there were subsidies”, – he said.

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“When we began to examine this situation in more detail, it turned out that the father of this child or husband of this woman was registered at a different address and this allowed them to obtain the subsidy,” – said muzichenko.

Therefore, according to him, one of the criteria that changed since may is that the income of all family members regardless of where they are registered where they actually live, are taken into account when assigning subsidies.

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