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One of Lviv museums took on the job of a cat

Один из львовских музеев взял на работу котаKitty was named in honor of the hero of work of Franco.

Lviv literary-memorial Museum named after Ivan Franko took on the job of a cat. This was reported on the site of the Museum in Facebook.

“Museum” cat has chosen Thursday, March 22, the contest Committee.

“Our purring, the new owner of the House Franco (four-legged, tailed, redhead, young, affectionate and very charismatic),” wrote the staff of the Museum.

Kitten six months, found him in the basement, and got a four-legged Archie into a new house with a veterinary clinic.

As explained by the Director of the Museum of Franco Bogdan Tikholaz, Pussy young worker called not just – that was the name of the hero of the famous works of the writer and poet, Lys Mykyta:

Kit of Murlyka to the road
Good taking the belt legs,
In the sack ithow Piceno Mish
I lisochkom, chills
So pdehaan Samy
He pribyv to Lisovich.
Knocking at the gate, doida…
Fox in quetico wyglada.
Kit of Mullica cap snaw,
Polonius yomu short,
Privte Yogo Borzenko
The second tag words saying…

Один из львовских музеев взял на работу кота

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