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Olga Freimut masterfully exposed the Scam

Ольга Фреймут мастерски разоблачила мошенниковOlga freymut has denied allegations of fraud.

Page public people in social networks are often the choicest pieces for fraudsters trying to cash in on famous names. Thus, recently have experienced all trouble in connection with a fake account of a popular TV presenter Olga Freimut.

Due to the fact that not so long ago TV presenter Olga Freimut announced their third pregnancy, the hype around her person does not subside. An opportune moment decided to take advantage of the owners of the fake account of a movie star, which signed more than 70 thousand people.

Unknown published a post with photos of one of his clinics and in the style of the presenter talked about the fact that Olga Freimut is going to give birth in the United States. This information is not left without attention of the present Freimut that in your real page on Instagram has denied it:

“Matter: mene NEMA have the social standing tackle, ocrm for this reason the autobiography in Instagram Everything said about childbirth in the United States , sprobe spati on something … money is not moï . Colleges -jurnalisti, I ask you not responsitivity nadumana parmacy . Sahra vykorystovuyutsia you have their of prizemleniya clah . S Lyubov’yu, Olga F.,” wrote Olga.

Now fans of Olga freymut will be able to distinguish the genuine account of the presenter from the fake, and also learned that the birth of a third child of the famous blonde, most likely, plans in Ukraine.

Ольга Фреймут мастерски разоблачила мошенников

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