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Oleksiy Poroshenko praised the work of his father. Video

Алексей Порошенко оценил работу своего отца. ВидеоOverall, I wish the situation was better, said the President’s son.

MP Oleksiy Poroshenko believes the modernization of the Ukrainian army, the stabilization of the situation on the front, an international coalition in support of Ukraine and sanctions against the aggressor, the main achievements of his father Petro Poroshenko as President of Ukraine. However, he believes that the social and economic situation in the country could be better, but that, in his opinion, the greater the responsibility of the Cabinet.

About it on the sidelines of Parliament said the MP (PPB), the son of the President of Petro Poroshenko, Alexei Poroshenko, answering journalists ‘ question about how he evaluates the three years of his father on the post of the President of Ukraine.

“It was an extremely difficult three years. We all remember what was the state during presidential elections three years ago. Was the active phase of the war in the East. Had problems with filling the budget. Economic crisis. A significant decrease in GDP. And if we consider where we are now, of course we see that the situation is complex, but it has improved. In the East we have a modernized, improved the army. We have some front line, which holds the armed forces. Unfortunately, this is not a complete absence of losses at the front, but it’s not dozens of dead Ukrainian soldiers the day as it was three years ago. In relation to international activities, we have a significant increase. We have an international coalition to support Ukraine. We have sanctions against the aggressor,” – said the son of Poroshenko, noting that under the Constitution the President is responsible for the army and international politics.

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Answering the question about where the President Poroshenko, the son of Poroshenko said: “of Course, in General, if you look at the situation in the country, economic situation, and social, I wish the situation was better there to have been above the salary that was higher than the pension. But, it is very important to understand the responsibility. Actually, for the economic and social situation of great responsibility to the government.”

Answering the question about what one of the most prominent campaign promises of his father was the end of the war in a short time, but so far this has not happened, Oleksiy Poroshenko said: “the Relevant question. If it was a war unleashed by the Ukraine and were dependent on it to complete it or not, in this case, these accusations would be fair. In the current situation, it is aggression by Russia. It is, in fact, the second most powerful army in the world. Here it is necessary to seek diplomatic methods to resolve the situation. Then, three years ago, at the time of the presidential election, we had shot down on the Russian side, “Boeing”, we had no attacks from the territory of Russia from “Grad” Ukrainian army. This happened later. Therefore, there is likely a question to Putin, when the war is over?”

Commenting on the issue of introduction of visa-free regime, the son of the President Poroshenko said that the issue should be discussed since it is there are many contradictory opinions.

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