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Notorious Zhirinovsky gave another “pearl”

Одиозный Жириновский выдал очередной "перл"Zhirinovsky believes that by analogy “card of the pole” you need to create and map Russian

Odious Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky gave another “pearl”. This time he said that Russia should give Ukrainians who consider themselves Russian the “Russian card”. He declared it on air of radio “Moscow speaking”.

“We have a paradoxical situation where our officials do not want to help the Russian. I encounter 20 years. We offer: give them Russian passports to issue directly at the embassies – in Kiev, Tbilisi, Tashkent, where they live. Don’t want to. A little…a Law adopted in 2002: 8 years to wait – as Africans, as a Latino. That is equated Russian to foreign countries. Now we tweaked the law: 2 months. And it still turns the night to take need, long all of this is made, often suffer from Russian, because the rest of us find the money to bribe and to bypass the queue faster you get your passport. Be sure to come up with this card…”, he said.

Zhirinovsky believes that by analogy “card of the pole” you need to create and the Russian map. “Now we had a clue what? Someone from the Ukraine Russian, it was necessary to obtain a certificate of withdrawal from the Ukrainian citizenship. Kiev is not allowed. We adopted the amendment to the law…We removed the obligation that the necessary certificate of withdrawal of citizenship. Now everyone can get fast citizenship but this certificate is not needed. But again the queue . Translate Sakharov would be there far away people in the night there is a queue. Why is it all made? Could be in the center of the city to install and remove all the queues that were there officials enough, and faster to issue passports. I have relatives from Kyrgyzstan came and suffer for several years: again come and gone again, no passport. Kidding,” he complained Zhirinovsky. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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