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Not that the Russian – American allowed: double standard, WADA

Что русскому нельзя - американцу дозволено: двойные стандарты WADA

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has long been a policy of double standards in relation to the athletes. This is especially noticeable in relation to the Russian athletes, after all, the decision on suspension from international tournaments and Olympic competition for 4 years is clearly politicized.


Slogans of fair and clean sport sound very nice, that’s just the reality of modern professional sports records is impossible without doping in the form of illicit drugs and stimulants rarely do. World achievements are often based on the skills of pharmacists to circumvent official bans and doping tests. This is especially evident in the United States. However, Washington likes scandals about sporty organizations.


An example of this is a story about bribery in FIFА, because the theme had been deliberately biased American side. In the end, it all ended with a series of high-profile resignations and convictions. Yes, the investigating Loretta Lynch, the US attorney General under Barack Obama. However, Washington also appeared in scandals of doping and the violation of other ethical norms in sport.


American Sprinter and Olympic champion Justin Gatlin has repeatedly been accused of taking banned substances, but somehow still involved sports. It even nobody is going to deprive of awards, although in the 2000s there was a loud doping scandal about his person. Then WADA caught 20 American athletes of such sports as athletics, baseball, American football, Boxing and the use of anabolic steroids developed by BALCO laboratory. Of course, any sanctions imposed against the United States was not, and athletes were only suspended for a symbolic period of time. And the story about American cyclist Lance Armstrong, who for decency was stripped of all awards for the use of steroids has not launched any action in relation to the Cycling Federation of the United States. But it is noticeable that WADA actively removes athletes from other countries, especially from Russia.


According to statistics, 15 countries have a disastrous performance, but the US is trying to remove that Russian athletes. Doping was convicted of mastodons sport, such as France, Canada and Sweden, and also appeared in Mexico, Thailand or India. So there is a double standard.


Separately want to highlight the transgender USA, because they are exempt from thorough testing for doping because constantly using hormones. Also do not forget that have fallen from the ranks of men new women are physically stronger than women by nature. In fact, it should be discussed separately.


One of the most famous transgender is Rachel McKinnon born a man. He always shows good results in women’s Cycling. Also known Texas TRANS Mac Beggs, who always wins in freestyle wrestling among women, quietly accepts male hormones, because he was born a girl.


It should be noted that the physical benefits of transgender persons has long been scientifically proven, but, as in many, other Americans continue to take the exclusion.

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