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North Korea said it was ready for war with USA

В Северной Корее заявили, что готовы к войне с СШАThe DPRK is not going to abandon nuclear tests.

The military leadership of the DPRK is ready to respond to the Americans if they conduct any kind of provocation against them.

In an interview with the Associated Press said the Deputy head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the DPRK Han Fir.

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In his words, North Korea intends to respond adequately to the USA if they want to fight.

“We certainly will not sit idly by pre-emptive strike the United States. North Korea will go to war if the US want to provoke this, and Pyongyang will continue to develop its nuclear program,” said Han El.

While Khan said that the situation on the Korean Peninsula has become a “vicious circle”, and tensions with the US and its allies deepens. However, North Korea will conduct nuclear tests, when the staff of the high command sees fit.

As reported, the U.S. is ready to launch a preemptive strike on the DPRK if they noticed signs of preparations for nuclear testing. As stated by officials in the us intelligence community, the United States deployed two destroyers equipped with cruise missiles “Tomahawk”, the officials said.

One of the warships, as noted, is less than 500 km from the site for nuclear tests of the DPRK.

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