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Noise training: how critical is it?

Пропускаем тренировки: насколько это критично?

Today active way of life, of course, came into Vogue, most people involved in any sport: Jogging, gym, group workouts in the fitness club, yoga, swimming. A variety of fitness programs is so great that everyone, regardless of physical form, health condition and age may find yourself liking a particular class.

However sometimes for whatever reason we have to interrupt your workout. Whether it be an illness, business trip, long trip, pregnancy – going to a fitness club have to be postponed. Of course, many are wondering: how has a critical impact on our physical shape the break and whether it would be possible to quickly restore its former shape. On this topic we will talk today.

If you missed 1 workout

Each of us has our own rhythm of classes, someone is engaged in on a daily basis, other just 5 lessons a week, someone is limited to 2-3 exercises. If you train regularly, at least 2-3 times a week, even if this rhythm is sometimes necessary to miss 1 class. Than it threatens? Fitness instructor sure does. Missed 1 lesson, you can again begin to engage in the same pace without reducing the load, your muscles lose tone and aerobic form will be on the same level.

So, if you need to miss one session, get rid of the guilt. Moreover, if you are doing daily or 5 times a week, sometimes skip a workout will be even useful: the muscles have time to recover, and in the next lesson, you will be able to show much better results. This is especially true for strength training. Doctors and trainers say that sometimes it’s better to neotraditionalist than to overtrain. Working at the limits of their own capabilities may not only discourage exercise, but also lead to various injuries, which will permanently knock you off track and all received the sweat and blood results will come to naught.

If you do a week

If you for any reason are unable to train for a whole week, much will depend on what sport you are doing. If you prefer strength training, that the break not be reflected negatively on your form, after 1-2 training you will enter the old rhythm. The fact that our muscle tissue has a good memory, a fitness coach called it “muscle memory”, and even the muscles slowly degrade, so if you’re in good shape, a week off from training did not affect your physical condition.

Another thing, if we are talking about aerobic exercise, aerobic rastenievodstvo comes very quickly and even weeks will be enough to reduce their performance, to feel fatigue. Why is this happening? The fact that the reduced oxygen consumption. Frequent aerobic exercises improves the function of the heart muscle, increases the heart pump blood, an increase in intramuscular capillarization, which improves delivery of oxygen to muscle tissue. Oxidative enzymes start the process of effective processing of fat into energy.

Thus a break in aerobic exercises leads to the fact that due to the decrease in oxygen consumption instead of fat during a subsequent workouts will burn carbs and will have to re-expand to its former shape. Just enough for a week’s break to decreased glycogen synthesis and on the cellular level, increased glucose consumption. What do you do if the break is in 1 week inevitable? Replace habitual aerobic exercise on others. For example, arrange to run several flights of stairs, ride a bike, roller skates, in the end, just walk at a fast pace.

A break length of 1 month

Sometimes you have to abandon training for a sufficiently long time. Say at once, without harm to own physical form, you can skip up to 2 weeks of strength training, only after this time muscles begin to change. After a month break you have to spend 1-2 weeks to reach the forms in the first turn you should train your problem of muscles, for example, if your weakness your abs, it is necessary to work out every day in the press, until you exit to the previous level.

Much harder to gain his old form, if you are on a month declined from aerobic exercise. As we wrote above, aerobic restoranist occurs very rapidly. And here the main role is played by how long you have worked previously. If you are sufficiently trained and over a year give muscles aerobic exercise, then return to your old form and start inhibited processes can for a month. Newcomers also have more complicated: restoring the physical form may take a few months.

A year or more without training

There is a myth that if more than a year to miss training, physical condition is worse than even before the start of classes. This is not so. If you are a long time in sports, even after a forced long break your physical development will be 20-30% better than if you did not train at all. Of course, after such a long break, you have to work hard for several months to regain form, but it’s worth it!

Don’t be afraid to go back to training even after long breaks, no work is not going to disappear, and if you wish you will return in good physical shape very quickly.

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