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NHL: “Pittsburgh” for the second consecutive season, will play in the Stanley Cup finals

НХЛ: «Питтсбург» второй сезон подряд сыграет в финале Кубка Стэнли“Pittsburgh” was the winner of the Eastern conference and went out to meet the “Nashville” in the Stanley Cup finals.

The second finalist of the playoffs, “Pittsburgh” and “Ottawa” was defined in a classic seventh game in the match, which decided the fate of the two clubs. Symbolically, the game with special status ended with a beautiful victory of one of the teams in the second overtime.

At the start of the match both teams were very cautious – a little more active acted “Pittsburgh”, but the defender “Ottawa” and the goalkeeper Anderson calmly repelled all assaults on their goal.

The nature of the game had to change the first puck. Shortly before the middle of the match Shiri made a perfect pass on Kunitsa and Chris from a lethal position has not allowed itself to miss the target. Once in the lead, “Pittsburgh” then we managed to concede after 20 seconds after the exact throw Konitza the hosts conceded a quick counter-attack that can score from close range completed the stone.

Until the end of the period the score has not changed, and in the final 20-minute period, the teams again exchanged scoring attacks. Schultz far throw implemented the majority and seemed to have covered all the issues in this match. “Ottawa” re not flinch, and quickly equalized the series in overtime turned Zingel, dobivski the puck after a shot by Karlsson.

To determine the second finalist of the Stanley Cup, teams had to spend on the ice for 25 minutes. During the overtime, “Pittsburgh” pinned “Ottawa” to their goal, and naturally won the match. The author of the winning puck was Chris Kunitz who was lucky enough to throw far throw.

Pittsburgh — Ottawa 3:2 3:2 (in the second overtime) (0:0, 1:1, 1:1, 0:0, 1:0), the account in a series 4:3

Washers: 29:55 Kunitz – 1:0, 30:15 stone 1:1, 51:44 Schultz (most) – 2:1, 54:41, Dzingel – 2:2, in the second overtime 05:09 Kunitz – 3:2

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