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New Youtube hit: dad got scared when he saw his own daughter

Новый хит Youtube: папаша перепугался, увидав собственную дочьThe man became famous in the blink of an eye.

For greater immersion in the game, the gamers are usually put on the headphones. In this case, we would be closed from the world around us, ceasing to hear everything that occurs around. Any sudden change at the same time, as, for example, the appearance of someone in the room, maybe not a joke to scare the man.

During the game, in horror, when we are tense, this fear is amplified many times. Such a dose of fear experienced streamer JurassicJunkieLive when his daughter appeared in front of him during the broadcast. This case
made it popular.

JurassicJunkieLive spent stream Outlast 2 when his 2-year-old daughter came into the room to tell my dad a jar of Jack Daniels Cola. First, the streamer got scared of one of gaming moments, and then turned and saw his daughter, who also scared him. Clip this time the recording immediately went viral and at the time of writing the news has already scored more than 1.65 million views, making it the most viewed video streaming service Twitch.

This clip brought JurassicJunkieLive popularity — the number of subscribers in a short time rose from 100 to
3 300 and continues to grow. The streamer wrote on Reddit that he rarely plays in the horror stories, but after this incident promises to make every Friday a stream of a horror game.

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