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Network laughing over a video to the song “My country”

В Сети хохочут над клипом к песне "Моя країна"Not everyone appreciated the creativity of the Duo.

In the social network of Internet users have fun music video for the Ukrainian song “My country”, which the Duo sang Prince Andrey and Katya Boyko.

This video, posted in Facebook-community “Stew.Li”, caused a wave of discussions.

Sluhay from scho smuso people semati tak video?
They have ACIS natprirodna Zir I stink bacati in this SHOS prekrasne? The stench preganat an hour I nesut estetico the future, I Yak shte not ready priynyati, Bo has not grown?
From soooo?

Published Stew.Li March 23, 2017

“Look, that’s what makes people shoot these videos? They have a supernatural vision, or they see it as something beautiful? They surpass time, and are the aesthetics of the future, that I’m not ready to accept, because it is not Mature enough?” — outraged the author of the publication.

In the comments netizens started to Express their opinion on the work. Note that by Andrew Prince is the Honored artist of Ukraine. With him in 2011, the singer Katya Boyko began a collaboration, in which were recorded the song and shot the video.
“And if Prince Harry?” Robbie Williams amused the Russians the idea for the “Eurovision-2017”

However, not all users appreciated the idea of the clip.

“They Poplawski bitten,” wrote Volodymyr Mysan-Milyasevych. With his opinion agreed more than 90 people.

“This thesis have Poplavsky,” added Inna Sheremet.

Many Internet users were surprised to learn that Andrew is the honored artist of Ukraine.

“If you take this wonderful video,after the clip is in the same room to beat my head against the wall, as in American mental hospitals,” said Zhanna Quiet.

“Forcing them to remove these videos a small budget for video”, — stood up for the Duo Vladimir Grozen. It is also agreed by many users.

“On cellphones on the street shot would be better,” replied Paula Adamson.

“Illegitimate children Ivo Bobul?” — said Sergey Cherkashin.

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