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Near Lugansk militants fired a Grad – OSCE

Под Луганском боевики стреляли из Града - ОБСЕIn the area ATO continue to use the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons.

On the territory of Luhansk oblast not controlled by Ukraine, recorded the use of MLRS BM-21 “Grad”.

This is stated in the report of the OSCE observation mission for may 8th.

According to observers, on the evening of 7 may and 8 may, the mission was monitored in controlled “LNR” n kadyivka 50 km West of Lugansk.

“The observers heard explosions 30 (6 explosions of uncertain origin, 14 – shots of the artillery of an unspecified caliber and 10 – tears of an unidentified artillery caliber), all at 10 to 13 km from the mission. Then, the SMM observed a salvo of 14 rockets from MLRS BM-21 “Grad” of 122 mm over 1-3 km in unspecified direction”, – stated in the report of the mission.

According to the mission, recorded fewer violations of “silence” in Donetskoblhaz. This fixed more explosions (about 270) compared to the previous day (roughly 150). In the Luhansk region – more violations of the regime of silence (120 bombings against 40 in the previous period).

In particular, in the Donetsk region observers reported explosions, estimated as the rounds from 82-mm mortar guns, SPG-9 antitank grenade launcher, but also weapons of unknown type.

“The camera also recorded about 60 rounds from heavy machine guns and small arms”, – said in the mission.

Fire activity recorded in the town controlled by Ukraine: explosions of uncertain origin, 19 shells from West to East, 3 released up flares, 1 shell from West to East, 5 released up flares and 13 shells from the West.

May 8 SMM in Yasinovataya recorded about 60 explosions of uncertain origin and about 20 rounds from heavy machine guns and small arms, and in Shirokino 3 tracer shells from West to East, the explosion of uncertain origin, active-reactive projectile from the West to the East and one active – reactive projectile from East to West, and then 115 tracers – all on the North and North-North-East.

“Being in Mariupol, observers heard about 70 explosions of uncertain origin and saw 3 blast in the air for an unspecified distance in the direction East – North-East”, – reported in the mission.

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