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NBA: crushing victory “Golden State” and “Cleveland”, defeat “Boston” and “Toronto”

НБА: разгромные победы «Голден Стейта» и «Кливленда», поражения «Бостона» и «Торонто»Completed big game day of the regular season in the main basketball League in the world.

“Golden state” in the first quarter of the home match against “Chicago” has created a comfortable gap and brought the matter to a crushing victory. The warriors carried out 15 shots and seeded grandmaster 37 assists. The most productive player of the match was klay Thompson – 28 points.

“Cleveland” has changed more after the break and got 36th win of the season. The Cavaliers ‘ third quarter benefited from “Indiana” with a 22-point advantage, the biggest comeback of the season, the reigning champion began in the end of the second 12-minute period. One of the main instigators of the victory of Cleveland was traded “Atlanta” sharpshooter Kyle Korver, who converted 8 of 9 three-pointers.

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Toronto blew the ending away game against Minnesota. The Canadians did not help 50 points from the Duo Derozan Lauri. The owners a strong match gave the young leaders – Townes and Wiggins both scored 60 points, becoming the main initiators of the comeback of the “wolves”.

“Boston” has unexpectedly lost “Sacramento”, who played without center Demarcus Cousins, who moved to technical fouls. Apparently, the Celtics had beforehand believed in their victory, for which he was punished. Reservists, the kings defeated their opponents, and the player of the match was point guard Darren Collison (26+5 assists).

Among other events of the day will celebrate the 12th victory in a row “Miami” and a good game of Ukrainian Alexei Lane that in the lost match with “Memphis” in 28 minutes, scored 11 points and collected five rebounds.

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The results of the matches of the day:

Philadelphia – San Antonio — 103:111 (23:29, 28:29, 24:24, 28:29)

Indiana – Cleveland — 117:132 (36:25, 27:32, 18:40, 36:35)

Brooklyn – Washington — 110:114 OT (22:31, 27:28, 23:20, 28:21, 10:14)

Atlanta – Denver— 117:106 (39:30, 33:25, 26:32, 19:19)

Detroit – Lakers— 121:102 (25:25, 31:25, 36:20, 29:32)

Milwaukee – Miami — 88:106 (15:28, 29:27, 19:26, 25:25)

Memphis – Phoenix— 110:91 (24:15, 22:23, 33:27, 31:26)

New Orleans- Utah — 94:127 (25:32, 28:30, 16:28, 25:37)

Minnesota – Toronto— 112:109 (25:33, 28:30, 30:25, 29:21)

New York- The Clippers — 115:119 (36:36, 31:32, 28:20, 20:31)

Golden State – Chicago 123:92 (30:17, 25:24, 31:29, 37:22)

Sacramento – Boston 108:92 (19:28, 30:21, 28:22, 31:21)

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