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NATO told about the military threat from Russia

В НАТО рассказали о военной угрозе со стороны РоссииRussia is trying to enhance its military capabilities.

The Alliance was faced with the attempts of Russia to increase its military potential on almost all fronts, and NATO allies are on the alert to prevent a repeat of the situation in the Crimea or in Eastern Ukraine.

This was stated by a senior military officer of NATO, Peter Paul.

According to him, Russia’s intentions are not fully clear, but the growth of its military presence is undeniable.

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“When it comes to possibilities, there is no doubt that Russia is increasing its capabilities in both conventional and nuclear components. When it comes to exercises, the armed forces have the ability to deploy troops to remote sites and use them effectively far from its own territory,” said Paul.

While the military officer of NATO drew attention to the placement of Intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear capability in Kaliningrad and Crimea.

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“Therefore, we perceive even this potential threat very seriously. We do our best to be ready to face any potential threat,” summed up Paul.

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