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Natasha Koroleva and Maxim Fadeev, and Diana Gurtskaya supported her after the scandal

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Recently, 53-year-old singer lolita Milyavskaya the landed from the train, which was heading to Ukraine. The singer went to Kiev to mother and daughter. However, in Konotop, she announced that the next would not miss it, and put it on the train back to Moscow. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

About the unpleasant situation, the singer said in Instagram. Right on the platform, she recorded a video in which shared experiences that can’t get to relatives in Kiev. “I can’t visit the child, which was sick because I was denied entry to Ukraine”, — said Lolita.

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Publication of Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya) APR 23 2017 1:52 PDT

After that, the Ukrainian Security Service in Twitter account posted a picture of Lolita 15 years ago with the caption “Nekhay happiness”, which means “good luck.”

Colleagues and friends Lolita I supported her in a difficult situation. So, the singer Natasha Koroleva, which previously was denied entry to her homeland, wrote on Instagram: “Lola, we are with you! And mind you, the company we deserve! I like “a Spy of the Kremlin” and “the man, his works pose a threat to the people of Ukraine,” according to information from a reliable source can state a fact that soon will end all those who do not willingly participate in the reality show “zagroda national bespec”” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Music producer Maxim Fadeev also supported the colleague: “I was just in shock. What is it with you Ukrainians, the SBU, have you got heart? Lola, hang in there. All will be well. You’ll see”.

Singer Diana Gurtskaya commented to journalists “Absolutely inhuman step. I have the feeling that the Ukrainian authorities hard to achieve a proportionate response that would have limited the rights of artists-citizens of Ukraine, successfully touring in Russia. Of course, we must not succumb to such provocation. I am very worried for her, knowing how she loves and cares about her daughter. It turns out that the road and the kilometers is not the most difficult. What should be in the mind of people who are in the lolita suspected security threat?”

Legion Media

We will remind, in the capital of Ukraine lolita not allowed for visiting Kerch in 2015. The actress did not hide his indignation and recorded the second video, which reminded that I was born in Ukraine: “in Short, you do everything to I have forgotten the Ukrainian language. And you… I Want to say, but I will not”.

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