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NASA astronaut vividly described a meeting with “alien”

Астронавт NASA красочно описал встречу с «инопланетянином»Astronaut still sure met a stranger.

NASA astronaut Leland Melvin said that he had met with extraterrestrial organic being in the orbit of the spacecraft Space Shuttle.

Melvin, who has spent in space more than 24 days as an engineer aboard Atlantis, has admitted that the creature he saw in the cargo compartment of the spacecraft. Then together with him was another NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik.

As Melvin said, then his first words were: “Houston, we have a problem”. The astronaut immediately relayed the information to Earth. But then it turned out that it was not an alien, but turned to ice the freon that leaked from the hoses.

But Melvin admits that he just wanted to calm down, and suspects that it was not the freon.

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