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Named the most visited tourist city

Названы самые посещаемые туристами городаBecame known, the number of tourists and their spending

Punta Cana, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico city are cities where the highest growth rate of tourism in Latin America, according to the annual MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index, analyzed the number of tourists and their average expenditure in 2016.

The global list is headed by the Osaka (Japan) growth rate number of visitors at 24%, followed by Chengdu, China (20,4%) and Abu Dhabi (19,81%). Lima is the only city in Latin America, which is one of the 20 fastest growing cities, ranking 9th place in the list (15.2 percent). In the statistics of the Latin American region followed by bogotá (9%), Punta Cana (8.8 per cent), Rio de Janeiro (7.4 per cent), Mexico city (6.4 percent), San Jose and Sao Paulo (3.1 percent).

In terms of number of tourists in the global list of leading Bangkok, which in 2016 was visited by 19.4 million people. It is followed by London (19 million), Paris (15,45 million), Dubai (14,87 million), Singapore (13,11 million), new York (12,70 million) and Seoul (of 12.39 million). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the same indicator in Latin America, the first one is Punta Cana (3.43 million tourists). It is followed by Mexico city (3 million), Lima (2.68 million), Sao Paulo (2.25 million), Buenos Aires (1.85 million), San Jose (1.74 million), Rio de Janeiro (1.46 million), Bogota (to 1.21 million), Montevideo (950 000) and Santo Domingo (930 000).

In terms of costs, a noticeable jump has made Seoul, climbing to first place with a figure of 31.3 billion, which greatly exceeds the amount of the second place, which is London (19.8 billion dollars). At this point in the region of Latin America again leads the way Punta Cana, where tourists spent $ 3.83 billion in 2016, followed by Lima (2.8 billion).

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