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Named the most popular city in Ukraine to meet New year

Названы самые популярные города Украины для встречи Нового года Experts have called the most popular new year’s destinations that are in demand among Ukrainians.

New year still 55 days, but the Ukrainians have already started to plan, where will spend the new year holidays.
Most people prefer to celebrate New year not in their own homes and outside their home city, however, unlike the Europeans, Ukrainians are choosing rented apartments and houses, not hotels and hostels.

Note that the most popular destinations for the New year among the population of Ukraine are Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and ski resorts in the West of Ukraine.

“The most popular apartment in the city center near the popular tourist locations. Because sleeping areas are popular among travelers not in use. They are likely to prefer housing in the center of 50-70 $ per day”, says the head of the Committee of the Association of realtors of Ukraine Eduard Brazas.

According to experts, to take care of accommodation for the holidays is now, because as of early November, more than half of the houses and apartments at a reasonable price already booked.

For example, on new year’s eve in Kiev has already occupied 73% of apartments in Lviv – 97%, and in Odessa – 81%.

“Book an apartment for the New year is better for 2-3 months, but if this moment is missed, then it is better to wait until the last of December, because on the eve of the holiday, many owners will lower prices for apartments, if they will be little demand for them. But it works only in the case of Kiev and Odessa”, – stressed the co-founder and COO of online Dmitry Malakhov.

Also the article notes that the less time remains before the New year, the rapidly rising housing prices – during high season, apartments and houses are twice more expensive than usual. However, the same hostels can always be found, ranging from 100 hryvnia per day.

“New year’s eve prices in all cities will depend on several factors, namely: age of the tenant, number of people, scheduled activities (just to live, to arrange a holiday or to organize a party) and the insurance Deposit for the property. At lease 3-5 days of the Christmas period, the price will be lower and when you rent just one night of December 31 to January 1, the price can be inflated by half compared with periods of 3-5 days,” says the site administrator Olga.

By the way, in Kiev the average cost of an apartment in the center near the metro station will cost about 1-1,5 thousand hryvnia per day, but the owners usually don’t rent for the holidays their homes in less than 2-3 days.

As for Odessa, here for rent nedaleko from the sea for the new year holidays will have to pay about 800 hryvnia per day, but keep in mind that the “South Palmyra” the apartment is booked for more than in the capital.

In Lviv, which this year is very popular, the cost of rental apartments for new year holidays starts from 2 thousand hryvnia per day, which is even higher than in Kiev.

“For the city this period is the high season. Apartments at the price of 600 UAH, on new year’s eve will cost 2500 UAH. Average margins there, as each owner decides how much he needs to increase the price to the apartment is surrendered. It is worth noting that many owners do not want to rent an apartment for a day, so it is better to book for a few days”, – said Dmitry Malakhov.

Kind of expensive this year, and skiing. For example, to Bukovel, the cheapest accommodation will cost at least 2 thousand hryvnias per day, although 20 kilometers from the ski slopes, you can easily find a decent cottage for 900 UAH per day per person.

We will add that realtors rarely work in the field of rental housing, therefore easier and cheaper to go to popular sites with the online ads.

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