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Named the most intelligent breed of dog. Photo

Названы самые умные породы собак. ФотоTen most-most.

Biologist-a behaviorist Frans de Waal argues that people tend to judge animals through the prism of their own ideas about intelligence, and therefore often mistaken. He’s absolutely right — it is so simple way to estimate the intellectual level of the breed of dog does not exist. This problem was solved in 1990 year, the psychologist Stanley Coren, spending a large-scale study of almost all breeds. In the first category, the researcher identified dogs with excellent learning abilities: they understand the command in less than 5 repetitions, and the execution of the command the first time it is possible in 95% of cases. Searching for a reliable and smart friend? Look at the dogs on this list.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото

Australian cattle dog

10 place

Australians specially bred dog that will be able to cope with a large flock of sheep under different conditions. This load requires high intelligence: the shepherd’s dog is well trainable and instantly understand the orders of his master.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото


9th place

Hard to believe, but this massive dog with the appearance of top-notch fighter, very smart. The combination of intelligence and strength of the Rottweiler makes the perfect guard dogs.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото


8th place

Small dogs are usually perceived to be weak, cowardly and narrow-minded creatures. Papillon really is not: the dog is smarter, stronger and even tougher than it looks. The dog very quickly learns new commands and is capable of not flinching tail to rush to the defense of the host.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото

Labrador Retriever

7th place

Ideal dog for families with children. Labradors are famous for their kindness, but in an unpleasant situation the dog will show himself strong and ruthless fighter. A high level of intelligence allows the use of dogs in police — they learn quickly and easily adapt to new conditions.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото


6 place

A collie is often confused with collie. Breed is really similar, but the sheltie is smarter and more organized cousins. Decorative appearance is not a hindrance to fighting temperament: Shelties are considered strong and confident dogs.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото


5th place

For some reason the myth about the stupidity of Dobermans still shared by many. This is not true — just Dobermans need training. Without her intelligent and strong dog will grow to uncontrollable squirt using your mind for inventing new pranks.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото

Golden Retriever

4 place

The dream of every child on the planet. Good-natured beauties are studying very fast and therefore often used by lifeguards and police. Also, this breed stands an excellent guide dog: a Golden Retriever in a few days understands the responsibilities and is closely monitoring the helpless owner.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото

German shepherd

3rd place

Another victim of unfounded rumors. German shepherd often used as working dogs that people used to take the breed as narrow-minded, but of the Executive. In reality, the German shepherd is among the three most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото


2nd place

In France the breed is still called caniche (cane — duck) because it is descended from hunting, French water dogs, so to underestimate fluffy handsome is not worth it. The poodle ranks second in the ranking of the most intelligent breeds Dr. Stanley Coren.

Названы самые умные породы собак. Фото

The border collie

1 place

Recently scientists at the University of British Columbia confirmed the results of the research of Stanley Coren: the border collie unanimously recognized as the most intelligent dog of all breeds. Graceful dogs do have a very high intelligence, but require constant physical and mental stress. Let the education of the border collie on the course will be a huge mistake.

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