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Named the most expensive and the cheapest country to move to

Названы самые дорогие и дешевые страны для переездаHow much cost a month in different cities.

Resource Nestpick has made a rating of the cheapest and most expensive cities for relocation.

In compiling the list took into account spending on the first month: rent, Internet charges, food, transport and phone.

So, the cheapest city to move to which is 560 euros, became the Egyptian Cairo.

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Second place went to the Indian Bangalore (634 euros), the third Romanian Bucharest (644 Euro), the fourth – Budapest, Hungary (743 Euro), the fifth – Riga, Latvia (795 euros).

Was the most expensive Dubai, UAE (3.6 thousand euros), Auckland, New Zealand (3,420 euros), San Francisco, USA (€3,216), new York, USA (2,879 euros) and London, UK (2,738 Euro).

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