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Named the cheapest country for travelers

Названы самые дешёвые страны для отдыхаFive of summer resorts with the best ratio price-quality.

Despite the crisis, wages and instability, not abandon leave, especially when there are options more affordable and no less quality than the favorite Hiking trails.

It is no secret that in many resorts you will see a three-fold inflated price tags simply due to the increased demand and inflated advertising, and the quality will suffer.

We offer you a list of places that are not yet (and hopefully longer) is not as hyped, but you will get reasonable prices, service and recreation. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. Georgia

Названы самые дешёвые страны для отдыха

In just a few years Georgia has been transformed into a wonderful tourist country. All the original data there is better to come up with: mountains, sea, mild climate, tropical and exotic plants, a huge number of historical and natural monuments. Photos of these beauties can be seen forever, letting the mouth water with the dreamy haze in his eyes. More saliva you have, if you think about the Georgian cuisine. The combination of mentality and principles of hospitality, which do not allow guest to go hungry, we are told that starvation does not threaten you here. Portions at least in a restaurant, though in the home the dining room is huge, cheap and delicious. This country has managed to maintain its unique flavor and combine it with a European service. Special Mecca among knowledgeable people is Batumi. The city is literally situated on the sea coast, then you and the travelers, free beaches, and ancient streets of the city, and reconstructed, representing the bulk of the entertainment center.

Prices: while tourists finally took a fancy to Georgia, the prices here are a record low. They differ depending on the region, and the farther you go from civilization, traveling in small villages – so they are below. Street café offers you a huge portion for about 1-3 dollars. In a decent restaurant – $ 10-15. Many museums are free or cost a penny. Housing from private owners cheaper, though, of course, the comfort suffers. For example, a room in some Granny’s old quarter will cost 15-20 dollars.

2. Turkey

Названы самые дешёвые страны для отдыха

Yes, from the entire list, this option is probably the most obvious, especially, to ignore it is impossible. From year to year Turkey attracts millions of tourists because there are a shockingly low price, a consistently high level of service is the sea. All travelers are divided into two types: some are deposited on the beach or by the pool next to the hotel and get everything possible from the system “all inclusive”, others will go out into the city to wander the old streets, feel the flavor and learn more about the history. Istanbul for the last one fits best. It’s incredibly picturesque, colorful and ancient city. And the whole summer is not enough to explore all its secrets. It is a crossroads of several civilizations, so the lack of the cultural program there. In the old quarters, like in Georgia, you can for pennies to eat, buy Souvenirs, haggle in the bazaars.

Prices: Turkey is traditionally very cheap to stay. Better to go off season – in April-may or September-October. The sea and the climate is still warm, and hot tour to the hotel “all inclusive”, a couple of excursions and the beach will cost 500-700 dollars for two. In season, the price could rise to $ 1,000.

3. Montenegro

Названы самые дешёвые страны для отдыха

Recent years, Montenegro boldly and confidently takes the leading position with regard to accessible tourism. Visa is not required, stay cheap, and the flights, the prices are not exorbitant. While there is clear sea, the mountains, around the towns and villages, perfect for a scenery of the most beautiful films about the middle ages. This is partly true, because some scenes from “Game of Thrones” was filmed not only in Croatia but also in Montenegro. Ancient castles and towers on the tops of cliffs, beaches with clean sand, friendly locals, ready to treat you to local cuisine for a penny or traditional liqueurs. There is a special demand of Budva, surrounded by low mountains with a cosy Bay and the incredible beauty of the locks. Some buildings date back to 15-16 centuries before. Cobbled and narrow streets, family restaurants and lots of museums for tourists Budva is a branch of heaven on Earth.

Prices: despite the fact that flight from a major city will cost about $ 100, the cost of food and products is low. The local cuisine is hearty and the portions are large. Lunch for two will cost about $ 20. Housing from private owners is from $ 50, but, of course, has its disadvantages – most likely, you will live far from the sea.

4. Thailand

Названы самые дешёвые страны для отдыха

Thailand is such a Turkey for the more sophisticated travelers. The prices here are not much higher as the tropics and beautiful area with developed infrastructure facilities makes it very attractive all year round. Many Islands, cities and resorts allow you to really find an area perfectly suited to you, including, and cost. Depending on the city you live in like the center and constantly disappearing at clubs, restaurants and parties, or choose a serene retreat for the family and secluded relaxation. If you have never been in Thailand, you will almost never see in Phuket. A reasonable balance between price and quality, there is something to entertain, there are plenty of beaches, bars, hotels, excursion programs. But minus the obvious – compared to more secluded locations, the price tags are somewhat higher. However, you will forgive this defect, when you see the gorgeous beaches of Phuket.

Prices: the most expensive in the rest of Thailand is flights. But as a popular destination and there are lots of options on how to get there, monitoring will reduce the cost of flights from around 500 to 300 dollars. This is truly a place of contrasts. You can find housing for 3 or $ 300. Local can give you a Bungalow, and next door is five star hotel with all amenities. In a small restaurant average bill for two will cost about 10 dollars.

5. Greece

Названы самые дешёвые страны для отдыха

Now Greece is experiencing not the best times, affected by the economic crisis. The country can sympathize, but for tourists this is a plus. Due to this fact once-expensive resort with first-class service, ancient history and stunning nature has become available at prices on par with Turkey. The choice of places you can go are enormous. This Athens, and Crete, and Santorini, and Corfu, and much more. The tourist gets everything you could ever dream of: mountains, sea, ancient history and archaeological sites at every step, special flavor, unusual and delicious Greek cuisine. Naturally, going here for the first time, be sure to visit Athens. Despite the fact that the prices here are above average for Greece, you get high quality leisure.

Prices: you can find ticket “all inclusive” for a week literally around 300-400 dollars. If you’re a fan of “burning stages”, for the same price really to go on for two weeks. A generous lunch at a local café for two will cost $ 10, the restaurant is 20-30 dollars.

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