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Nadia Dorofeeva showed mom

Надя Дорофеева впервые показала мамуThe singer told how he had gone shopping with my mom.

Pop singer Nadia Dorofeeva shared in the network is very touching memories of co-shopping with her mom – Olga. So, the singer told, how to buy stylish things on the market and how mom approved of any, even the most daring experiments of his daughter.

Moreover, on his instagram page Dorofeeva posted a photo with mom. Woman posing in a very bright dress with a print in a large black-eyed peas and a skirt insert yellow. She also Nadia while posing in white shorts with suspenders and a purple shirt.

So, according to Dorofeeva, shopping with mom for her special event.

“To interfere with anyone in our “sacred” ritual was forbidden and dangerous,” says Dorofeeva.

The soloist of group “Time and Glass” recalls that usually went with mom for new clothes on Sunday.

“It was the only day in the week, I woke up easily. In the morning we had Breakfast and at 10 o’clock we were already on the market. We bypassed it COMPLETELY!! Even if I only needed tights or socks. The entire market! And we’re blissed out,” recalls Nadia Dorofeeva.

Ukrainian singer says that the most vivid of its purchases was a yellow grinders and remercie pants.

“Oh yeah, by the grinder we bought me a cloak. Mom said it straight FINALLY. Well, in short, I experimented, and my mother supported all of my weird decisions,” says Dorofeeva.

But today, she chooses outfits in your personal showroom.

“It’s been many years… Only now I wear mom. And this is even nicer,” concluded Dorofeeva.

Надя Дорофеева впервые показала маму

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