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MS-21 will come on the same rake as the “Superjet”

МС-21 наступит на те же грабли, что и «Суперджет»

Two key points.

The first is what I always say: the MS-21 “will come on the same rake”, and “Superjet”. It is now confirmed and “rostec”, which is “I believe that the MS-21 has all the chances to repeat the fate of “Superjet”.”

Second, you demonstrate how wisely and beautifully “rostec” long saws and plans to further cut tens of billions of bugdet:
— first create a funded non-competitive aircraft with a lot of problems and at a price higher than the market, which nobody buys
— then punch the budgetary subsidies for the production of the aircraft to lower its price to the market,
— then lobbiruesh the establishment of the state (budget) airlines, which will be for the budget to operate your aircraft that were no longer needed.

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And at all stages you master the public (budget) funds, all the profits leaving himself. Business in Russian.

Vadim Lukashevich, aviaekspert

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