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Map ATO: militants fired Grads Experienced

Карта АТО: боевики обстреляли из Градов ОпытноеThe most tense situation at the Donetsk direction is stored in the front section of the heater – Avdeevka – mine Butovka.

Monday, may 22, at Donetsk direction in ATO zone where the fighting lasted nearly all day, there have been 21 attacks by militants of the hybrid army of the Russian Federation, including 11 – heavy weapons. Here gangs actively used Grad and mortars, announced today at the traditional daily briefing, the speaker of the defense Ministry ATO Col.

The most tense situation in the Donetsk region remains on the front section of the heater – Avdeevka – position “mine Butovka”. Another hot spot on the boundary line yesterday, it was Experienced that the terrorists opened fire from Grad MLRS. Also attack from a portable Grad-P (Partisan) was subjected to the mine Butovka.

According to Motuzyanik, from 18:00 to midnight, the occupiers have stepped up mortar fire on positions of AFU in the area of Avdeyevka, also using rocket-propelled grenades of various systems and weapons BMP. Only this time the military fortifications near the city there were about 110 min of various calibers.

In Lugansk towards the Russian-terrorist troops fired Novotoshkovka, Novozvanovka and Trinity. In the evening fire from small arms attacked the Village Lugansk and the surrounding area, from rocket-propelled grenades Crimson. Only in the area of ATO in the Luhansk region on may 22 were recorded nine cases of violation by fighters of the regime of silence, said the speaker of the defense Ministry.

The greatest number of times controlled by the Kremlin illegal armed groups opened fire on Mariupol (seaside) direction 29 (including four of the heavy weapons). Around 11:00 terrorists carried out mortar and artillery bombardment of Gnutovo. During the day one armed provocation with the use of mortars has occurred in Novotroitsk, two in Krasnogorovka.

In addition, the invaders fired mortars VSU positions near Pavlopol, said Matusevich.

Карта АТО: боевики обстреляли из Градов Опытное

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