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Looking for love on “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov was seriously injured

March 12, on TNT began the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor.” The main character this time was actor Elijah Glinnikov, who admitted that he intends to find true love on the project: “I would like to start a family, I would like to happen feelings, but girls that go on the show “the Bachelor” pursue other goals as I thought. It turned out, not all”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Ilya took an active part in creating the show: he invented contests, often extreme. For example, in one of the issues he with a party jumping with a parachute over the island-the palm in Dubai.

For such a risky competition had to pay. So, one of the girls got injured in Sri Lanka. Went and Ilya. He severely injured his knee — tore all the ligaments. However, it is not known which of the editions of it happened.

However, the actor is not a bit sorry that chose the risky test. He is convinced that it was worth it: “it happened because of the love you have to pay!”

In the near future, Ilya will have knee surgery and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the country is watching the developments in the show “the Bachelor.” Fans of the actor want to believe that he will be able to build a strong relationship without betrayals and deceptions. After all, despite the opinion of Ilya that you can forgive everything, he once admitted that “when you cheat, life turns into hell.”

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