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Le Pen decided to leave the post of leader of “National front”

Ле Пен решила покинуть пост лидера «Национального фронта»Candidate for the French presidency intends to focus on the second round of the presidential race.

Candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen declared that depart from the leadership of the party “national front” to focus on the second round of presidential elections.

“Tonight I decided to leave the post of President of the “National front” – said the presidential candidate of the TV channel France 2. She explained that the desire to be “above party interests.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“I have always believed – said Le Pen, – that the President of the Republic is the President of all the French.” “Now we need to move from words to deeds”, she explained.

“We can win. And we will win”, – summed up the candidate.

Considered a far right populist Le Pen in the second round wybrow the French President may 7, will meet the winner of the first round – centrist Emmanuel Macron. The Macron according to the results of Sunday’s election 23.75% of the votes, marine Le Pen – 21,53%.

The macron is in favour of free international trade and the European Union. And marine Le Pen’s anti-globalization, and promised to stay in France for a referendum on leaving the EU like the “breccia”.

Macron is a former banker and ex-Minister of the French economy under the current President, françois Hollande. For his first election campaign, and in case of victory in the second round of the macron will become the youngest President of France (he was 39 years old, Le Pen – 48).

Previously the support of Macron said representatives of the main political parties and losing candidates.

Former Prime Minister Francois Fillon of the party “the Republicans”, who scored 19 and 91% of the votes, urged his supporters to vote for the Macron in the second round. Supported the centrist-Rules and the candidate is still the ruling party of socialist Benoit Hamon, who received only 6% of the vote.

Monday afternoon President Hollande went on television and stated that he will vote in the upcoming second round of presidential elections for Makron. Le Pen is the current President of France has called a threat to the country.

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