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Larisa Guzeeva is vacationing in Paris with her son and his girlfriend

57-year-old Larisa guzeyeva family spends holidays in Paris. Here, in one of the most romantic cities in the world, the actress celebrated the birthday of my son George. Went on a journey and girl George Anna, with whom Larissa warm relationship. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Larissa with the bride of the son of Anna

Guzeeva daily to Instagram to share with fans pictures of Sunny Paris and suburbs of the capital. Special impression on the actress made Versailles. Here Larisa and her family rode on the boat and enjoyed the scenic views and plunged into the history of this incredibly beautiful place.

Many subscribers noted that the rest Guzeeva have benefited, the TV host looked younger and blossomed: “Larissa, you’re so skinny!”, “You look rested, have a good vacation!”, “You look great! Freshened right, rest in favor,” “stunning woman in a beautiful place!” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.)

Лариса Гузеева отдыхает в Париже

Впечатлениями от поездки актриса делится в Instagram

Дочь Гузеевой, 17-летняя Ольга

Лариса в Версале

Лариса Гузеева: "Башня в букете. И крест на Небе"

Лариса Гузеева


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