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Ksenia Borodina called the Nastasya Samburski “voiceless Lady Gaga”

Recently, Max Fadeev, and Nastasya Samburski quarreled in the Network. The fact that at a press Breakfast award “Muz-TV” producer said that the victory in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”, in his opinion, needs to obtain Olga Buzova, not Samburski. Choice Fadeeva touched the young singer. Nastasia said that Max chose her Buzova because of the “petty revenge”: she refused to participate in the video-slash-producer Olga Seryabkina. Maxim, in turn, accused Samburski in PR on his behalf. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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The producer said, giving Samburski three days, so she apologized. Nastasia did it, but in her characteristic manner: “Maxim, I do not hold you evil. Sorry, that was counting on me, and I’m not calculated their strength. I went to your production center as a migratory rat. That are unable for health reasons to help you their resources in publicising your project. You mastodon manipulation. You want to look better than it really is. Come out from behind the screen. Forgive all. That’s all. More from me you will hear nothing. For honor, for dignity itself.”

The controversy involved and Olga Buzova. The star of “House-2” has invited Nastasia on your vocal courses so that it is not “messy”.

Colleague Buzova, Ksenia Borodina, too, voiced their point of view. In an interview to RU. TV presenter spoke about Samburski and other controversial stars of Russian show business: “This man exists, I think, in the Russian show-business scandals. You know how it is… no, well, Lady Gaga at least have a voice. When you take off very sharply and there’s a lot of hype, very painful fall. Are those who always kept the brand. Our show business you need to be able to keep up. Now Least no one remembers, and Volochkova glory is also gone.” Response from Nastasya is not followed.

It should be noted that Borodin has long been a negative attitude to Samburski, because the actress and aspiring singer was embroiled in a family scandal of the presenter. Nastassja was called a “homewrecker” and accused that she allegedly stole the husband of Ksenia Kurban Omarov. However, the couple reconciled, and the relationship Omarova and Samburski has not been proven.

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