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Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov went on a romantic trip to the Seychelles

In recent years, increasingly began to appear the rumors that Kurban Omarov again changes Ksenia Borodina. Reasons for gossip gives himself a businessman. Recently, the Network has a scandal: a girl told how Eid was flirting heavily with her and her friends in the restaurant. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Borodin does not pay attention to gossip. It seems, in the family of the presenter reigns idyll. The envy critics the couple went on a romantic trip to the Seychelles. The TV host decided to combine the work on the “House-2” with the rest.

Children Ksenia and Eid al left home, apparently, the couple want to spend time just the two of us. Fans are happy for the couple, but some still worried, after all, after the last joint vacation lobster and Borodin almost divorced.

Ксения и Курбан уехали на Сейшелы

Ксения Бородина

Телеведущая решила совместить работу на «Доме-2» с отдыхом

Детей Ксения и Курбан оставили дома

Ксения с дочками

В последнее время все чаще стали появляться слухи о том, что Курбан Омаров снова изменяет Ксении Бородиной

Недавно в Сети разгорелся скандал: девушка рассказала, как Курбан грубо заигрывал с ней и ее подругами в ресторане  Фото:

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