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Known airline has introduced a fee for “matching” places

Известная авиакомпания ввела доплату за "парные" места The Supplement can reach up to £100.

British airline British Airwaуs introduced an innovation, which has already been criticized by everyone, anyone you can. Now wishing to come along to passengers, who are in different rows of seats, will have to pay.

The Supplement for to sit, can go up to £100.

The rule applies in that case, if the cabin space is available. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

One pair of travelers have shared their sad experience. They chose British Airwaуs for flights in the United States. They had separate places to sit, they were told that you must pay £100, although the cabin was quite empty seats. Joe Molingas wrote on Twitter that he had to pay £З9 to sit next to 14-year-old son.

British Airwaуs in its “justification” stated that if passengers want to choose the place, it is better to reserve them in advance, paying for this service. The company also stated that they will not deliberately to divide couples and families, a children up to 12 years mandatory will sit near the parents.

In British Airwaуs claim that “our flights 98% of the families sitting together. In addition, members of Gold and Silver Executive Club can choose their place at the time of booking, participants of the program co Bronze can choose your seat seven days before the flight. All the rest can do is is free of charge, as soon as it opens check”.

It remains to say that the experience can spread to other airlines.

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