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Kids sports backyard games?

Спортивные детские дворовые игры?

Whether encyclopedia of children’s domestic games?

Not long ago, I wrote in Nyuslende few of their pitiful memories of sophistication of the post-war children’s games, which I did with pleasure could be seen in almost any urban neighbourhood of our great country.

Unfortunately, these games are forgotten or almost completely replaced by a variety of electronic wonders of our age, is usually not conducive to the development of any physical agility or strength children.

To this publication I received a lot of passionate reviews, the authors acknowledge with sadness, frustration about the very limited involvement of today’s children in sports activities.

And totally unexpected for me way got from readers a lot of comments and subtleties of the texture of forgotten folk children’s games, the rules of which very often differs not only in different cities but even in different parts of the same city.

But my granddaughter Nona systematized all interesting, we know about yard games, the result of which was

“Encyclopedia of forgotten yard children’s games”

Details about the station and the release of the book,

(search in Yandex or Google)

We are the authors of this Encyclopedia would be happy to receive your recommendations and observations on the texture of the book, especially the descriptions of the rules of the games and charitable supply of the book children’s homes of St. Petersburg.

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