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Kate Susan told about the true reasons for the gap with Oleg Vinnik

The relationship of a star “Houses-2” Katya of Zsuzsa and “Sinai widower” Oleg Vinnik from the outset, many condemned. Losing his wife and children in the attack, he has to meet with Susan. Recently, the couple still broke up. Old lovers have stated that they will never be together.


The presenter revealed details of his personal life and told the magazine “the House-2” about the true causes of the rupture with the beloved.

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Susan said that with Oleg, they broke up because her daughter, Nicole — and so they are unable to agree on the question about children. “We had a fight because of trivia, even to remember the cause can not! We screamed, smashed candlesticks, cut the painting, which depicts happy… I sat in tears on the edge of the bed and said can not continue. I looked at him one last time, and Oleg gathered his things. I was so filled with negativity that dripped through the roof — we did break up, when a quarrel was Nicole talking about the baby…” said Katya.

Kate with her daughter instagram/katyajuja555

Alone, Susan grieved for long. The girl began to meet with the Director of Anna Sedokova Kirill Pavlov. The Network has already appeared photo sharing lovers.

Kate commented on their new relationship: “I begin to speak, he continues. We have the full absolute understanding. I’m embarrassed to say that we really do not swear — say “lying”, but the way it is”.


We will remind, recently Kate Susan first appeared Nude for the cover of “House-2”.

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