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Jennifer aniston suspected her husband of infidelity

Дженнифер Энистон заподозрила мужа в изменеJennifer aniston gave her husband a scandal because of his intimate correspondence with his mistress

Actress Jennifer aniston says that Justin Theroux had an affair with actress Emily Meade, who he met on the set of the series “Left behind”.

And it seems that the suspicions of Jennifer, as she told one of her friends, not quite groundless. According to the publication Star accidentally found in the phone Justin his frivolous correspondence with Emily.

By the way, when 48-year-old aniston made her husband jealous scene, Theroux began to make excuses, claiming that he and the foreign Ministry — just friends. But the celebrity who was the lawful wife of Justin in the summer of 2015, said that “friends” do not allow yourself to hints of intimate properties. Besides, she found very suspicious the fact that Justin had never mentioned his “friendship” with Emily.

Note that after the wedding, Jennifer aniston told in an interview to journalists about the fact that Justin Theroux was for her not only a husband but also the best friend who seduced her with his keen sense of humor.

Дженнифер Энистон заподозрила мужа в измене

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