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James McAvoy shared a “dirty” secrets of Hollywood

Джеймс МакЭвой поделился «грязными» секретами ГолливудаThe actors suggest lying for the sake of awards.

In a new interview with British actor James McAvoy went through the Hollywood film industry and said that the actors are advised not just to exaggerate the contribution they had made in the film, but to openly lie about the hardships of film-making process – and all in order to increase the chance of getting a picture of the various awards.

“I often say that if you want to obtain some reward, you need to talk about the role like every time there was you and was bleeding. People want to hear me say something like “It was a very difficult role in my career! She swallowed me completely!”. And for me, it’s just my job, and, from a creative point of view, I am not destroyed – but I realize that people are disappointed when I tell them about it.”

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Perhaps one of the most striking examples of this underscore the hardships of the shooting process – the “Oscar” of the campaign Leonardo DiCaprio for several months, the media discussed only how good (and diverse) DiCaprio suffered on the set of “Survivors” – and, although the film industry on this campaign laughed on the sidelines, her Oscar and Leo still got it.

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“Acting is just my job. And I think this approach makes the task to separate yourself from the role a lot easier. I’m relatively psychologically stable, and I think it is very difficult to clearly separate himself from made-up character for the role, when your mind is not stable,” says McEvoy.

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