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Jamal shared his impressions of marriage

Джамала поделилась впечатлениями от замужестваFamous Ukrainian singer Jamala recently married.

The artist does not hide the joy of happy events in the life and shares it c fans in social networks. The winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2016 showed the new wedding photo c Bekir Suleymanov.

33-year-old Jamal little more than a month ago, I married Bekir Suleymanov. The celebration took place according to Muslim traditions, as promised by the singer. Then together with your loved Jamal left for a wedding trip to Italy, which also made a magnificent photo shoot. And recently, the actress revealed a new batch of wedding photos.

Jamal, who recently commented on the confusion at the Eurovision song contest-2017, where the Joker showed buttocks, on his page on Instagram published a portion of a wedding photo accompanied by a post a touching message about her grandfather, which did not last week.

“Well, that invented the photo! She captured this day. My grandfather was waiting for, probably more than anyone. The last 5 years he told me: “You’re 23, it’s time to get married”:) And I mumbled, as do all the grandchildren of the confusion. For 2 days, as he left, I managed to print these photos and pass through the parents to the Crimea. My mom showed him the video from mobile telephones, he smiled and was happy. Thank you.”

These words very few people leave indifferent fans of the artist. Loyal fans truly happy for Jamal, who has found family happiness. By the way, recently she dedicated mental word husband, Bekir Suleimanova, post a photo on a small anniversary: one month from the day of the wedding.

“It’s so great to be your wife.”

At such moments, want to sincerely wish the Ukrainian star scenes is just the best. Recall that recently, Jamal was suspected of pregnancy, so much so that its representatives had to refute the news. While such news is not offered to view new wedding photo Jamala c husband.

Джамала поделилась впечатлениями от замужества
Джамала поделилась впечатлениями от замужества

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