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It looks like a cruise liner of the new generation. Photo

Так выглядит круизный лайнер нового поколения. ФотоOn this holiday everyone dreams.

Cruise liner MSC Seaside – 20-Hulk deck, designed for year-round voyages on the waters of the Caribbean sea.

Gorgeous pools

On the 16th the deck is long and narrow pool Miami beach, surrounded by chic sun loungers that create the impression of glamorous beach, though no sand. Nine decks below the pool is situated smaller South beach. Near it is a spacious room where you can SIP a cocktail, listen to music and dance.

Так выглядит круизный лайнер нового поколения. Фото

Panoramic glass elevators

Two panoramic glass elevators will take you up to deck No. 16, where the glass transition with a length of almost 30 meters, called “Bridge of sighs”. The ocean view from here is amazing.

The water Park and night clubs

The highlight of the entertainment on the ship is one of the largest and most interactive water parks in the open sea. Despite the fact that the water Park only 4 of the descent, there is something to admire when flying down a 160-metre transparent tube and jump out of it in the middle of the jungle, where you expect all sorts of adventures.

Not might not like surfing on a Board with an electric console. On it surfers plunge into the abyss, where the bright lights are pulsing to the rhythm of electronic music. If not for the spray in the face, you would think that it is not riding on the Board, and festivities in a night club. In the Park, as elsewhere on the ship, instead of the traditional card keys are used in bracelets, which allow passengers to access his cabin, book restaurant reservations and Spa treatments, make payments and monitor the children on Board the geo-search, and most importantly spare them from having to stand in queues.

Так выглядит круизный лайнер нового поколения. Фото

Jungle with swimming pool

Near the Park there is another swimming pool, surrounded by tropical jungle. If you do not pay attention to the squealing delight of children, there rest, whether sitting in a lounge chair among the ferns, palms and bamboo trees. It features a bar with a rich selection of cocktails and hot tubs. When it rains, the swimming pool and the jungle closes in a large glass roof, and you continue to relax in the Conservatory with exotic plants and a swimming pool.

Так выглядит круизный лайнер нового поколения. Фото

Cable car ride

From the 19th deck at 16-you can go down a 105-metre-high cable car. During the descent you can admire the helipad at the bottom and waving goodbye to all the sunbathers around the pool Miami beach.

Formula one

Onboard there is a F1 simulator. You sit in an exact copy of the famous racing car, fasten my seat belt and walk a predetermined route of the video monitor. During the passage you forget that you are driving a simulator to the extent it’s accurate. Of course, not fit into the rotation here does not end with a tragedy and the worst that can happen is the ridicule of friends about your terrible driving.

Так выглядит круизный лайнер нового поколения. Фото


Onboard you’ll find bars and restaurants for every taste, which affects a wide range of dishes and drinks. There is an Asian restaurant, created in collaboration with chef Roy Yamaguchi, the restaurant, whose menu includes seafood, meat, and a Steakhouse restaurant. You will enjoy lunch at any of the restaurants will cost about $39.


Frame liner a panoramic promenade with a length of 323 meters. It is designed for leisurely walks in the fresh air. You pass by bars, restaurants, shops and sun beds. The most impressive thing during the tour is the skywalk — a transparent glass floor along the side, through which you can see the ocean directly below him.

XD cinema

Fasten the seat belt to the seat, grab a gun and go on a “fun” mission to save the world from the terrible zombies. Creepy creatures will eat you and not choke if you don’t have time to pull the trigger. Don’t want zombies? There are 3 other scenario.

Так выглядит круизный лайнер нового поколения. Фото

Luxury cabins

Cabins are located in two residential towers passenger superstructures fore and aft. They are spacious, with huge Windows from floor to ceiling.

The price for the accommodation in time 7-day Caribbean cruise starts at $449, the price of the cabins with a balcony for about $900.

Design, food, water slides, rides and more on the liner says that it is to take a cruise and enjoy the proximity to the sun and the ocean.

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