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It has become known, which stars “Game of thrones” refused to play along

Стало известно, какие звезды «Игры престолов» отказались играть вместе

The actors are not filmed in some scenes.

Between the stars of the series “Game of thrones” Lena heady, who played the role of Cersei and Jerome Flynn, who played the role of a mercenary Bronn of Blackwater, the conflict occurred during the filming. Vapor to such an extent conflict that in the eighth season scene about how Cersei makes the job Brenno to kill their brothers, and has not been removed.

As told sources in the crew, the actors during the filming of last season of “Game of thrones” tried is not in the same room, not talking to each other. And before the shooting of the seventh season in a contract actress Lena heady was a paragraph that it should not collide with Jerome Flynn on set under any pretext.

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It turned out that Lena heady and Jerome Flynn a few years was in a relationship and in 2006, broke up, besides not very easy. Your novel they tried to keep secret, but his colleagues did find out, as the quarrel between them during the breakup was as tumultuous as the relationship itself. A few years later they suddenly met on the set of the TV series “Game of thrones”.

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Being together on the set after that, they felt a little uncomfortable, though I tried not to show it. Friends Lena Hidi said that she hates Flynn.

“They are never in the same room at the same time. Pity, because in some point it seemed that they had reconnected, and now avoid each other at any price”, — said the source.

Thus after a year of heady Lena married musician Peter Logren and in 2010 gave birth to a son. What during the filming of the first season of “Game of thrones” Hidi was pregnant.

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