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It became known, what is the salary of the mayor

Стало известно, сколько зарабатывает мэр МосквыIncome Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin in 2016, was less than many of his subordinates.

Among the 50 employees of the municipality, reporting on earnings, the mayor was only on 27 place.

Earnings Sobyanin in 2016, $ 6 million 456 thousand rubles ($113 thousand), from its Declaration. The mayor’s income declined by 24 thousand compared to 2015 then Sobyanin declared 6 million 480 thousand roubles of earnings.

The ownership of the mayor for the year has not increased – it still owns a single garage with an area of 26.8 square meters. This machine Sobyanin there. He also enjoys the flat area of 308,1 sq. m. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

About this apartment in 2013, wrote opposition leader Alexei Navalny, nominated then the election of the mayor of the capital. Navalny, Recalling the Declaration Sobyanin, in which he indicated that his daughter, Olga, owns an apartment of 308 square meters, found that the property is located in the center of Moscow, in the house 12 on the street Rochdelskaya str.

The opposition leader has published an extract from the Unified state register of rights to immovable property, which confirmed this information. Bulk estimated apartment cost 5.2 million dollars and noted that the family Sobyanin, according to her official income could not earn for such an apartment.

Press Secretary mayor Gulnara Penkova said then that Moscow apartment allocated Sobyanin management Department of the President in January 2006 as head of the presidential administration, after which the mayor in the prescribed manner it was privatized. Sobyanin himself claimed to have sold their former housing in Tyumen and passed the money to the Department of the presidential administration to obtain real estate in the capital.

The Declaration of the mayor for the year 2016 no information about his relatives – the daughter of the mayor has reached the age of majority and to report on their income and assets he did not have. With his wife Irina Sobyanin in 2014 divorced.

Subordinates of the mayor have earned much more than him.

Who set a record for earnings

First place income was taken by the head of the Department for external economic and international relations Sergey Cheremin. His annual income has increased from 89.9 million rubles in 2015 to 94.9 million rubles (1 million 665 thousand dollars) in 2016.
Cheremin – the native of business in the town hall came in 2010. Prior to that, he was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK “System”. Over the years, on Tver, 13 Cheremin revenues declined in its first anti-corruption Declaration for 2011, he pointed out the earnings of 400 million roubles.

The official owns two apartments (175,8, and 74 square meters), townhouse (413 sq m), cottage (514,5 sq m) and six plots (15.1 thousand sq m). His fleet of two Mercedes Executive 500 (S-221) and sport S 400 4МАТІС and Lexus LX 570.
The minor child Cheremin in the use of the house of Israel (425 sq m) and Russia (133 sq m).
In second place with an income of over 26.8 million rubles ($470 thousand) Alexander Chernyshev – first Deputy chief of staff of the mayor. He owned a plot of land for individual housing construction (2.8 thousand sq m), building (483,7 sq m), apartment (of 253.8 sq. m), and three Parking spaces. And any car.

The wife Chernyshova, earn 2.8 million rubles, apartment (266,8 sq m), building (is 129.3 sq m) land for a recreation area without the right of construction (355 sq m), outdoor area (1000 sq m) and garage box. Cars it either.
Closes the three leaders of another Deputy chief of staff mayor Paul Chinolin – 12.6 million rubles ($221 thousand) for the year 2016.
He has declared two apartments, a garden plot for a thousand square meters, the house, garage and shed.
The wife Chinilina in the ownership of the apartment, two plots (1.4 thousand square meters), and the share in the residential house (12/25). She also owns the car Skoda Yeti.

On what has turned out Vice-Sobyanin

The chief of staff of the mayor Anastasia Rakova reported on the earnings is not higher Sobyanin – 6.35 mln rubles – despite the fact that two of her Deputy were the leaders in terms of income in the municipality.

The head of the Moscow construction complex Marat Husnullin has declared 6.45 million roubles income – about the same as the mayor. Earned more Sobyanin, Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov – of 6.88 million rubles, head of culture Department Alexander Kibovsky – 7.6 million rubles, Deputy mayor for social development Leonid Pechatnikov – 6.9 million rubles, and the head of diptrans Maxim Liksutov – 6.8 million rubles.

I Noted in one of the largest fleets among employees of the municipality, the Lexus LX 570, two Mercedes CL 550 and a G55AMG, and five motorcycles – Harley-Davidson V-ROD Muscle, Aprilia Sportcity 250, XDiavel Ducati S, Aprilia Scarabeo 125 and three-wheeled Honda Goldwing GL 1800 Motor Trike. Among fans of motorcycles in the municipality and the chief Directorate of the mayor Alexander Zel – he’s got a Yamaha and Harley-Davidson, and the head of Department of property of Moscow Vladimir Yefimov, he has a BMW K 1600 GTL.

Even the press Secretary sobyanina Gulnara Penkova has earned more than the mayor – 9.5 million rubles (166,5 thousand dollars).

How Khrushchev could buy city hall

A total of 50 city officials, reporting on income in 2016, earned 433,2 million (7.6 million dollars). With this money you can buy 82 one-bedroom apartments of 33 sq. m in the Metropolitan Khrushchev. On average, by data “Inkom-real estate” one bedroom apartment in block of five-story building in Moscow will cost 5 million 214 thousand rubles ($91.5 thousand).
From 433,2 million rubles of the total earnings of the municipality 45% income ten officials. The average yearly salary of leaders of the city of 8.6 million rubles (150 million dollars).

Least of all in 2016, earned the chief of Department of coordination of activity of the complex of municipal economy of the capital Nely Lanna – 521 thousand rubles ($9,1 thousand). It turns out that in a month she earned about 43 thousand RUB Lenna working in the Moscow government since 2007. Previously, its revenue was higher in 2012 it amounted to 4.5 million rubles.

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