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iOS 13.1 underestimates the performance of the iPhone and iPhone XS XR

Apple needs to release an update for iOS 13.1 to the end of the day, but it’s already got some journalists. So, the website RedmondPie says that the update activates the throttle on the iPhone iPhone XS and XR.

This means that iOS 13.1 reduces the performance of smartphones, although they are only a year. Of course, Apple has explained it to that cares about the durability of gadgets, but this is all heresy to her, this policy is disadvantageous. The throttle is then activated so that users tired of the brakes the “old” IPhones, faster switched to the new iPhone 11. Of course, in the menu you can disable it, but there is an important fact that Apple had done so, especially given the fact that the iPhone XR is still officially sold worldwide.

Apparently, soon it will be removed from the shelves. Well, to disable the throttle can only be because Apple doesn’t want to sue the users who caught her in the slowdown of old phones. By the way, if your iPhone XR and XS began to slow down very much, no need to run for a new IPhone – just change the battery for a new one, and you can install aftermarket, and all things. Here triple profit – and smartphone stop brake, and the battery is new, and Apple will receive slightly less money than they could, especially given the fact that in Russia 11 iPhone cost more than any other country in the world.

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