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Interesting facts about LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary

жк kvartal alley бровары отзывыLCD kvartal alley Brovary otzyvy search of a modern comfortable housing investors turn to the study of various building portals and sites. To choose the best apartment, you need to consider following important points:

• the class of accommodation (economy, comfort, business) – it depends on the level of amenities when staying in the complex;
• the apartment price;
• location of real estate (infrastructure, environment, transportation).

If you are working in Kiev and wish to purchase housing in a more environmentally friendly place, but do not want to overpay, consider the suburbs. From all the satellites of the capital for its development are positively Brovary. Recently construction began on a promising object – residential complex “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary. As reported in the forums, the investors, the complex optimally combines all of the above points. Let’s learn more about it.

LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary – scale construction project

In their feedback, potential buyers tell us that this project promises to be interesting and large. On the site of the planned sixteen residential buildings of different heights. This architectural move will allow us to make a good visibility from the Windows of future apartments. Enlarged window openings also will further expand visibility. Laconic forms of the facade and trim in a nice bronze tones will give the buildings a stylish look and visibility

But, in addition to residential areas, in the residential complex “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary is also planned social objects. Within walking distance of the complex will be built a kindergarten, a school, a health and sports centre as well as cafes and shops. Good infrastructure, the LCD will expand the possibilities of the future tenants LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary.

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In their feedback, the investors positively distinguish the construction of multi-storey above-ground Parking in the neighborhood. The car is much better stored in a guarded Parking lot than in the yard unattended. Moreover, future residents LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary, it will be convenient to leave your car near the house.

LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary – a quality accommodation business class

The forums and portals on the property notes that the building of houses is conducted in accordance with European standards applicable to the housing business class. It uses only certified and ecological materials.

The use of modern technology of monolithic frame-based buildings to provide homes reliability and durability, and will also allow for any alterations in the future. Also, this gives good thermal insulation and moisture resistant properties, apartments, maintaining a comfortable microclimate.

External walls spread from solid ceramic bricks, insulated and safe for the health of others with mineral wool. It provides good flame retardant characteristics, supports in the apartments of the optimum temperature in cool and warm time of year, and also provides sound insulation.

Problem heating the LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary, according to the feedback from potential investors, will be solved by installing its own boiler. This will allow future tenants of the new buildings rational use of thermal resources, not overpaying for losses due to depreciation of the equipment.

Installation of new networks of communication ensures ease of operation and comfort in the residential complex “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary.

LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary – a comfortable life in a developed and clean place

The reviews often say that the Brovary on a number of parameters, the optimal city to live in. In comparison with other satellites of Kiev, he has extensive infrastructure. In contrast to the capital, in Brovary observed compact development that allows people to save their time when moving within the city. Next to the LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary, the future tenants will be able to find everything you need for a comfortable life.

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жк kvartal alley бровары ценыLCD kvartal alley Brovary prices

Not to mention the fact that a five minute walk from the new buildings is a real forest, which creates not only this region but all over the city, lovely climate. For those who lead an active healthy lifestyle and wishes to move to a qualitatively new level, important proximity to nature. Clean air and a pleasant pine aroma positively affect the health and raise the spirits. For the locals this is a great opportunity to spend more time outdoors.

RC “Alley Kvartal” is located almost in the center of Brovary. Near the new buildings is a public transport stop. Sitting on the taxi, you can for 15-20 minutes to the nearest Kiev metro station. Good transport links is very important for those who work in the capital.

Apartments in the residential complex “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary can be purchased at attractive prices. This is another advantage of these buildings compared to the capital real estate. If you want to improve your living conditions – welcome in the residential complex “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary.

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