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Innocent prank ended in tragedy. Photo

Невинные розыгрыши, закончившиеся трагедией. ФотоThink twice before you prank.

What could be better than a good and witty jokes? Obviously, it is thought the heroes of our today’s article, when planning your at first sight absolutely harmless and funny prank. However, the reality turned out not as smooth as I would like our hapless jokers. Today we will tell you about a couple of draws fatal, to laugh at unlucky that their authors had a chance at his own funeral.

Bigfoot vs motorists

Невинные розыгрыши, закончившиеся трагедией. Фото

Of course, the vast majority of the adult inhabitants of our planet don’t believe in all the “Bigfoot”, “Sasquatch”, aliens and the like devilry. But what would you do if one day, driving along the deserted highway, saw comes out of the woods and wanders along the roadside an enormous shaggy bestial creature? Certainly, most of us would push the pedal gas, but people with a particularly fragile psyche had to clean it from the new leather seats of the consequences of their excessive sensibility.

Невинные розыгрыши, закончившиеся трагедией. Фото

Anyway, a man named Randy Lee Tenley of Montana apparently thought that dressing up a mythical forest monster and wander the side of the highway, scaring local drivers, will be just awesome fun idea. Well, motorists have really noticed 44-year-old “Bigfoot”, but their reaction was not quite the same, which was expected, good sense of humor. One car almost crashed into a tree when the driver stunned for a moment lost control of what he saw, but a group of teenagers went inside the other car, clearly redefined horror films and decided not to risk knocking a grief-the Joker to death and to be sure, once more riding on his body. Conclusion? Hardly a joke with the Bigfoot it was worth it.

“I make a joke here with the police!”

Невинные розыгрыши, закончившиеся трагедией. Фото

As this story demonstrates, is what brings the alcohol and the presence of mentally unstable citizens in the ranks of valiant law enforcement agencies. When a drunken group of teenagers in West Virginia came back in the night of beach and decided as a joke to throw a wet swimsuit on the windshield of a police car, the worst thing they expected, surely, was a fine or night in jail. However, for the stupid joke one of the pranksters had to pay with his life. It is unknown what motivated the police officer B. D. Gillespie – alcohol, illegal substances or emotional instability, but an officer of the law gave chase the young people and, in the end, grabbing 18-year-old Timothy hill, sprayed him in the face with pepper spray, beat up a police baton and, in the end, shot from a service pistol with two shots at close range.

Don’t shoot the humorist, he’s scary as he can

Невинные розыгрыши, закончившиеся трагедией. Фото

Another tragedy, which ended in the unfortunate death of the Joker, or rather Joker, played out in 2013 in Colorado. A young girl named Dovey Lal, returning from a family trip home earlier than planned, apparently decided that it will a very clever hide in the closet and scare 21-year-old Neraka Gelli, a longtime family friend whom the girl’s parents asked me to look after her younger brother during the absence. However, this innocent prank had for 18-year-old girl’s fatal consequences.

Невинные розыгрыши, закончившиеся трагедией. Фото

When Gelli, who was sitting with the child, heard on the lower floor of the house strange sounds, alert boy was scared, that broke into his house burglars, so before you go down and find out the guy had the foresight to bring along a gun. When the sight of a young man, Handsome with a loud cry jumped out of the wardrobe, Gelli finally lost his nerve, and he did not make out in the darkness the face the unwelcome visitor, put a girl one well-aimed shot. Realizing his mistake, he immediately called 911, however, the doctors could do nothing to help the girl, and she died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Halloween hanging man

Невинные розыгрыши, закончившиеся трагедией. Фото

A teenager named Jordan Morland from the state of Kentucky have always loved black humor, therefore, when on the eve of all saints Day his mother and sister, returning home, saw a silhouette of a guy in the loop, in the first few minutes they decided that it was another bad joke Jordan. That joke was really bad, the women realized, just entering the room and to my horror discover that the guy really hangs dead. As has established a consequence, Jordan Morland wanted to play a joke on relatives, wrapped a noose around his neck, but accidentally lost his balance, and a silly joke turned into a truly tragic the truth.

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