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In Zaporizhia an old poplar tree collapsed on the building. Video

В Запорожье старый тополь рухнул на многоэтажку. ВидеоThe tenants fear the other trees, standing under their Windows.

One of the apartment buildings of Zaporozhye collapsed old poplar that has damaged the Windows and balconies, and residents fear that after the first tree they could face the drop and other poplars growing under the Windows.

Meanwhile, communal refuse to cut potentially hazardous trees.

“Bent, each time, of course, are experiencing that tree falls will break us and the balcony and the roof. Suffer,” complained one of the tenants of the house Tatyana Gracheva.

Other residents complained that the trees still overshadow the sunlight.

“Everything is closed, the window, the sun that’s how it goes across the sky, not getting anything at all,” says Elena Nedelina.

While such trees around the house nearly three dozen, and almost all of them – and disaster can fall.

“I had such a case that the tree fell right into the apartment, broke the glass and I have a half-tree stood right in the apartment,” complained Natalia].

Another local resident, Nicholas Nedviga, believes that “someone needs to be responsible for this matter, for what we pay who we pay what we a lot of money each year for house maintenance”.

As stated by the representative of the municipal enterprise Anna Babina, emergency trees need pruning or crown, or even to cut them down, but the decision is up to the municipality.

“Such works, we cannot, because the maintenance plan is they don’t come,” she said.

It is worth Recalling that last week in the center of Zaporozhye old poplar tree fell a block and caused a lot of troubles.

The accident was liquidated by employees of gschs, but such trees around the city there are still a lot.

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