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In Ukraine for the first time officially celebrate Christmas

В Украине впервые официально отметят католическое РождествоThe calendar appeared the day off on December 25.

16 November 2017 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for the Law, according to which December 25 is getting a day off. The deputies insisted that the Catholic Christmas is celebrated in the “world” and in Ukraine it is necessary to show tolerance to all Christians.

The initiative of the deputies received the support of the President of Ukraine, signed the Law on 29 November 2017.

This year the holiday falls on a Monday, and then relax the Ukrainians will be three days from 23 December to 25 December 2017.

Catholic families all over Ukraine, as before, will gather at the festive table will be caroling.

“The fact that 25 December is an official holiday, very comfortable”, – says a resident of Kiev Vitaly Sirenko, a parishioner of the Catholic Church. “The service in the Church starts late in the evening after a festive supper, and lasts until 2-3 am. And in the morning have to be at work. In addition, the evening of 24 December still have time to cook all 12 dishes. Now, on Christmas day, you can really relax and fully enjoy the holiday.”

Despite an official holiday, the national Bank has defined the procedure of work of the banking system of Ukraine during the Christmas holidays. But 25 December 2017, banks will operate in normal mode.

On the occasion of Christmas in Lviv on the main square of the city of Bethlehem for the first time will light the fire.

In Kiev, December 24 at St. Sophia square will host a Christmas concert that will last from 18.00 to 22.00.

The tradition of the Catholic Christmas

The celebration of Christmas among the Catholics clearly planned out and not disturbed for centuries.

In preparation for Christmas, the faithful decorate the crib with the figures of the birth of Jesus, his mother virgin Mary, the Magi. Around the house put straw composition, the mistletoe. From year to year, children with their hands made Christmas toys: animals, lanterns, hearts, which are then placed on the tree as decorations. So the Christmas tree is always different.

For Catholics it is customary to observe a strict fast 24 Dec. Eat only wheat or barley, boiled and seasoned before use honey. A dish called sochivo. As soon as the sky appears the first star, allowed to eat the dishes of the festive table.

It is necessary to visit evening a solemn mass in the Church. Throughout the day, before the holiday, you can go to the temple for repentance of sins and confession.

Before you eat on Christmas eve, all family members should pray and break unleavened bread – wafer. For dinner mostly prepared vegetable dishes, eat honey, nuts, apples, dried fruits, be sure to eat fish. Meat on Christmas eve on the table. But December 25, the hostess served a variety of meat dishes.

For the festive table, always leave one empty space for guest.

For Christmas dinner, sing Christmas carols, however, as the next day. Carolers go from house to house and sing songs wishing health, happiness and goodness

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