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In the Verkhovna Rada will try to protect the interests of investors in housing construction

В Верховной Раде попытаются защитить интересы вкладчиков жилищного строительстваIn Parliament, a bill No. 6033 “On protection of rights of investors in housing construction and settlement of liabilities in relation to long-term construction”.

The document’s authors – MPs Anatoly Denisenko (independent), Countries (people’s front) and Alyona Babak (“Self-help”) – came up with many innovations that, in their opinion, should help the unfortunate buyers of distressed homes.

However, experts who analyzed the bill, found it to be a lot of “pitfalls” that can cost the ordinary citizens with additional costs. Who benefits from the new scheme, so that developers willing to undertake the completion of frozen objects. They offer a whole list of benefits. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In fact, the law prescribing what to do with the protracted and how to leave people who bought apartments there, without money and housing, Ukraine clearly needed, says the Director of the Agency “Euro-rating” Grigory Pererva. Suffice it to recall the infamous construction Wojciechowski, most of which are transferred to the status of long-term construction. According to estimates, victims of apartment scams have become about 10 thousand citizens.

“Now in Kiev protracted can be considered not less than 40 LCD. In Ukraine, there are at least 200-300,” – said Pererva.
The experts echoed the authors of the bill. In the explanatory Memorandum they say that the protracted problem in Ukraine is more than ever. A lot of houses, the stated terms of commissioning which expired a few years ago, frozen. But the imperfection of the national legislation does not allow buyers of apartments nor return the money or issue the right to housing”.

“The rules of law should be discharged so as not to create opportunities to build a variety of circuits and raiding. In this case, the transfer of some powers to local authorities, the creation of some temporary committees, raises concerns that problems with long-term construction can be resolved manually. The procedure for the transfer of a bankruptcy of the customer are also opaque. In my opinion, the most fair and open way is the priority given to purchase unfinished to those who invested in the project, or sale at public auction, for example, as in the ProZorro”, he said.

Artyukhov offers its solutions to the problem protracted. “The state could redirect are part of the budgets of agencies, such as Ministry of defense, and the unsold square meters to convey servicemen and participants of the ATO. Today the government spends considerable funds for social housing “from scratch”, but could “enter” in the protracted and solve several problems at once,” – said Artyukhov.

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