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In the US, the obesity of the deceased was the cause of the fire

В США ожирение покойника стало причиной пожараSuch a turn of events nobody expected.

In the crematorium of the American city of Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday night a fire occurred due to the very fat of the dead.

“My employee was cremated person suffering from severe obesity. So the fire flared up stronger than allowed for hardware level”, – said the owner of the crematorium don Catchen. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The flames spread to the neighboring containers and room. The fire was extinguished at 2:00. The crematorium will continue to operate according to owners, it is not too damaged.

Experts note that during the cremation of obese bodies, there is indeed a risk of fire.

A similar incident occurred in 2014 in Virginia to the dead man, who weighed more than 220 pounds.

Then smoke from the overheated roof near the chimney.

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